Our transdisciplinary research is centered around public engagement with science and technology. Using methods from computer science, interaction design, humanities, speculative design, and philosophy of technology we study how people understand and participate in science beyond professional settings.

We develop low-cost, DIY (Do It Yourself) systems for creative science work in contexts such as hackspaces, art studios, garages, homes, schools, or across social media platforms. We deploy sociotechnical interventions to support democratic participation and engagement with scientific issues. We explore new ways of sharing the discoveries, artistic expressions, and civic activism that emerge from amateur science work.

Biology beyond professional settings

Our team of biologists, designers, and engineers are studying DIYbio (Do It Yourself Biology) as a subdomain within the maker movement. We are developing:
open science hardware tools for DIYbio
workshops to support public discourse around the future of biotech
Food as a platform for everyday science

We focus on practices that counter mass-production and engage with concepts from microbiology, botany, biology, chemistry, and food science.
solar cooking as creative engagement with food science and climate change
food science such as fermenting, brewing, pickling, foraging, or dumpster diving
Interactive materials

DIY fabrication paves the way for making, reconfiguring, and appropriating systems for scientific inquiry. Our work includes:
screenprinting techniques to create new interactive and smart materials
3D printing with materials such as food, ceramics, and glass

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