Events and Courses

Current and upcoming events and courses:

Interactive Materials Showcase
12pm-1.15pm Monday, May 25, 2016
In front of Stauffer B
Featuring work by this spring’s Interactive Materials course

Mixed Medium Mixed Theme Gallery Show at Phoenix Center for the Arts
Opening: April 1, 2016 & April 15, 2016
Featuring work by Emily Longbrake, Emily Ritter, Piyum Fernando, and Stacey Kuznesov. Showcasing our interactive screenprinting work.

The art of everyday food science: foraging for design opportunities
A one-day, hands-on workshop at CHI’16
This workshop will gather a diverse group of HCI researchers, food practitioners, artists, and scientists to engage with food science practices as deliberate alternatives to top-down production of both food and knowledge.

Interactive Materials Spring 2016
This course focuses on thoughtfully and critically embedding computational media into the physical world. We will make, tinker, and experiment with high tech and low tech materials. Our hands-on, materially-oriented work will be grounded in theoretical concepts from HCI (Human Computer Interaction), design, and information studies.

Past events & courses:

Interactive Ink Screenprinting Workshop
December 9, 2.30-5pm
We are inviting screenprinters to play with and provide feedback on our new conductive, magnetic, and thermochromic inks and screenprinting methods.

Energizing communities around the challenges and opportunities presented by extreme heat
Women & Philanthropy Site visit
Authors: Stacey Kuznetsov (PI), Adam Nocek, David Tineapple, Grisha Coleman, Xin Wei Sha, Ed Finn, Pavan Turaga, Garth Paine
December 2, 10am-12pm

DIY Science Fall 2015
A citizen science course at ASU
This course examines the technological, material, and social factors that expand science practice beyond professional settings.

Interactive Materials Final Project Showcase
Tuesday, April 28, 10.30-12pm
Demos of final projects from the Interactive Materials Spring 2015 course

Open house and screen printing workshop
Wednesday, April 15, 4pm
Tour of lab, overview of our screen-printing setup, and of course snacks!

Interactive Materials Spring 2015
A tangible interaction design course at ASU
This class focuses on thoughtfully and critically embedding computational media into the physical world.

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