Awards received:

HIDA Student Enrichment Grant
Recipient: Matthew Pandelakis
Date awarded: March 29, 2016

Interactive platforms for biology education and research
Herberger Research Council Grants
Authors: Stacey Kuznetsov (PI)
Date submitted: March 3, 2015
Date awarded: May 13, 2015

Selected Press Coverage

Bringing citizen science to life in ASU Now. Published Jan 11, 2016

Fermenting a revolution in research in ASU Now. Published Oct 27, 2015

Pending grant applications:

Interactive platforms for DIY biology education and research
Authors: Stacey Kuznetsov (PI), Adam Nocek, Carrie Doonan (CMU)
Date submitted: November 18, 2015
Status: Under review

Energizing communities around the challenges and opportunities presented by extreme heat
Women & Philanthropy
Authors: Stacey Kuznetsov (PI), Adam Nocek, David Tineapple, Grisha Coleman, Xin Wei Sha, Ed Finn, Pavan Turaga, Garth Paine
Date submitted: September 25, 2015
Status: Under review

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