The Dream Collective: Exploring crowd-driven storytelling and ideation for design research

Within our research we have critically explored a new research approach at the intersection of design fiction and creativity support tool through our online platform, The Dream Collective.  Over a course of a year, we have collected data on what community members envision the future of spaces, services, and objects to be. These creations reflect community aspirations and needs as well as current obstacles they face with how we design, and for whom.

We now take a step further and invite makers, designers, and world builders to take part of our in-person workshops where participants will be able to make low fidelity prototypes inspired by the crowd-driven inputs. These creations prompt a critical discussion on the role users have within the design process and how we, as designers and researchers can shape the future of technology and experiences through crowd-driven inputs reflecting on power dynamics, social practices, and community needs.

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