screen print hello world

Apparently nobody wanted to go home after today’s Ikea marathon, so we set up some additional lighting in the lab. For example, thanks to Gino and Corey, this is no longer an ordinary Ikea shelf thing:


We (mostly Althea) also put together the screen press, and of course we could not go home without trying it out! The vinyl cutter is still in the box, so we did our stencils by hand.

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Also, this is maybe slightly creepy, but the space looks pretty good from the outside.


Did I mention we are located at possibly the busiest intersection on campus? 🙂


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    My part in SANDS is really exciting! I’m going to be working on screen printing conductive circuits for use in wearable technologies. We got the setup working today (as well as some fancy lighting) and did our first prints. They all came out pretty well. It’s going to be a great project!

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