Lab set-up day

So first of all, this crew is amazing!!!


Unfortunately, I did not take any “before” pictures at the very beginning, probably because none of us could actually imagine this space fully transforming the way it did.

My documentation starts with “early work”. Here is a glimpse of the transformation:


And here we are today:


HUGE thanks to all the people pictured here, in no particular order: Althea, Gino, Pat, Jennifer, Corey, and Chelsea.

Also, thank you to all the people not pictured here, who worked so patiently behind the scenes to make this space come to life. In no particular order, thank you Assegid Kidane, Theo Eckhardt, Caroline Fernandez, Xin Wei Sha, Sylvia Arce, Byron Lahey, Lauren Hayes, Luke Kautz, Peter Weisman, Todd Ingalls, and Leslie Beres. Finally, a shoutout to Chris Harrison and Eric Paulos for the invaluable remote mentorship!

Next up: our screen printing press is being set up as I post this!


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    I recently joined up with SANDS – the Social and Digital Systems group with several wonderful and talented people – led by Stacey Kuznutsov, my Interactive Materials prof/incredibly impressive all-around DIY scientist. We set up the lab today and it’s just perfect.

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