Screenprinting workshop, Wednesday, December 9, 2.30pm-5pm

One of our projects is examining screenprinting as a prototyping material for tangible interaction.

This semester, Emilly Ritter has been experimenting with a range of materials and techniques to develop new conductive, solar-sensitive, and thermochromic inks. These can be used with conventional silkscreen printing methods to embed interactive behavior into almost anything (paper, fabric, wood, vinyl—basically anything that can be printed on).

Moving forward, we want to gather some ideas and feedback on how these interactive inks might be used by artists in their practice. We are organizing a workshop as a part of a research study to understand the types of projects that could take advantage of interactive screenprinting. The workshop will cover an overview of our inks and methods. You will then be invited to experiment with basic designs and create a few prints. The workshop will conclude with a discussion and brainstorming around future uses of these materials.

The workshop will last for up to 3 hours and you will be compensated $15/hr for each hour of your time. You must be familiar with basic screenprinting and be 18 years or older to participate.

The workshops will be audio-recorded and photographed, and all data will be anonymized. If you are interested in participating, please contact Stacey Kuznetsov ( to determine eligibility.

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