Hands-on Food Science Workshop at CHI’16

Our one-day, hands-on workshop, The Art of Everyday Food Science: Foraging for Design Opportunities, has been accepted to CHI’16. The workshop is co-authored with Christina Santana (ASU), Elenore Long (ASU), Rob Comber (Newcastle University), and Carl DiSalvo (Georgia Institute of Technology).


Building on our earlier fieldwork, the CHI workshop will envision socio-technical systems that serve as deliberate alternatives to top-down production of both food and knowledge. We hope to gather a diverse group of interaction designers, food practitioners, artists, and scientists. Our call supports several creative submission formats, including:

  • An example (photograph, video, etc.) of a prior food science project such as fermentation, foraging, or brewing, along with a brief description.
  • A creative proposal for a hands-on food science project to be conducted during our workshop at CHI

The workshop will include hands-on activities with food: we will actually brew, ferment, pickle, forage for, can, and preserve food items at CHI!  In addition to these experiments, the workshop will also include critical reflection and design exercise to examine new systems for food preservation and security, human health and nutrition, and everyday scientific literacy.


CHI is the top conference on Human Computer Interaction. In 2016, it will be held in San Jose May 7-12. Hope to see you all there!


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