Pollinator Gardens and Citizen Science

We are hosting a presentation on our work with Citizen Science and Pollinator Gardens at the Mirabella retirement community at ASU on Thursday, October 7 at 3pm.

Pollinators such as birds, bats, butterflies, and bees are vital to a healthy planet. Flowering plants, food crops, and the global economy all rely on them, but pollinators are under increasing pressure from climate change, pesticides, diseases, and loss of food and habitat due to urban development.

Come learn how you can be part of the solution through a movement known as Citizen Science. Through Citizen Science, millions of people are making and sharing important observations that help scientists advance important areas of research. For example, Arizona State University researchers want to know how patio gardens of native plants can support the important pollinators in our area by providing food, nesting habitat, and a refuge in the city. During this presentation, you will learn more about citizen science (and all the ways you can get involved), native plants, the state of local pollinators, and hear about an opportunity to join a fun and important research project in collaboration with ASU researchers!

This project is a collaboration by Stacey KuznetsovDarlene CavalierTejaswi GowdaGwen IaconaAlice Letcher, and Alejandra Rodriguez Vega.

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