Crowd-based Storytelling to Envision Products, Spaces, and Services

Over the last year, we have been studying crowd-based storytelling as a new research approach at the intersection of design fiction and creativity support tools. We developed an online platform,  which invites distributed communities to reimagine spaces, products, and services through crowd-based and in-person design fiction.

We will be conducting an in-person workshop that will critically explore scenarios we’ve collected through the (our online design fiction platform). During the workshop, we will brainstorm and make low fidelity prototypes (sketches, storyboards, and building blocks) and eventually use these to develop higher-fidelity design fiction prototypes. We hope to use our design activities to inspire critical conversation around how we make and design, who is involved in the process, and why we should be designing with communities and not just for communities

Our first workshop will be conducted on Friday October 1st at 11:00am, it will be 1hr long and all participants will receive $50 for their participation. We will have other dates as well!

Please contact Alejandra Rodriguez Vega ( to sign up!

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