Pollinator Data Collection

Over the past few months, the pollinator garden we installed with the Mirabella retirement community has been growing and attracting pollinators, including a new hummingbird and hummingbird nest!

We have also added a few environmental sensors to the garden to monitor air temperatures, and soil temperature and moisture.

Pollinator garden and low-cost environmental sensors at Mirabella retirement center

Some of the residents have been recording their observations of the garden during the last few months, giving us a sense of the timeline for the the plants and insects have been evolving.

Over the next two weeks, we are inviting the Mirabella community to collect daily observations of the insects and birds they observe in the garden.

Our flyer, inviting Mirabella residents to collect observations in the garden

We created a low-tech intake sheet for residents to fill out as they observe the garden every day. We hope to use these observations alongside our low-cost sensor data to begin studying the trends in local pollinator species, plants, and weather conditions.

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